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When faced with the natural variations in cheese product sizes, the route to consistent portion cutting starts with accurate and repeatable dividing of the whole cheese into ‘rings’ of known thickness. These rings can then be cut into various wedge formats with a greater degree in confidence that you are achieving target weights and minimising giveaway or wastage.

We can provide Ring Cutting equipment that is flexible in design but robust in construction. These systems are ideal for low to medium scale production outputs. The Wire Frame Cutter and Plastic Pushers are very easy to change over—no tools are necessary. The Wire Frames can be designed to trim the top and bottom of the cheese to further improve the accuracy of the portioning by ensuring that the ends are parallel and flat. The high quality wire used is very durable and each frame can be re-wired quickly and each wire is individually tensioned. Various wire sizes are available to suit any requirements.



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